About us

GTA – Girls Take Action is the UK's leading all-girl Drum ’n’ Bass crew that is dedicated to spreading the female voice in a predominantly male dominated scene. Under leadership of head-honcho Lady V Dubz, GTA has grown massively from a vision in 2014 to an internationally recognised group in 2019, headlining major stage shows across the UK and with the release of their long-awaited video of the GTA Anthem produced by V Dubz & Jayline feat. Enamie, Y-Zer, Lady Blazer & Dotty.

The Latest Project to land is a collaboration between V Dubz & Y-Zer, signed to Fatman D’s Biological Beats sister label Biological Vocals. Stream it now!

Also available on Beatport and JunoDownload.

Who is involved in GTA – Girls Take Action?

Lady V Dubz, Enamie & Y-Zer. So, how did Lady V Dubz turn her dream into a reality? GTA – Girls Take Action has humble beginnings that were cemented from as far back as 2009, when Lady V Dubz and Lady Blazer were one of extremely few all-female acts to grace the Drum’n’Bass stage. Realising that what they had was special, Lady V Dubz and Lady Blazer continued to perform together on the leading radio station Rough Tempo with “Feminine Takeover”, a show which pioneered the female talent in a scene where the woman's voice had become so disregarded. That is not to say that the duo were not met with hostility. Although things may not have been said explicitly, it was obvious to V Dubz that the male dominated world of Drum’n’Bass music viewed “Feminine Takeover” as outwardly rivalling what was an already flourishing scene. V Dubz saw this and sat on her dream, waiting for the perfect moment to strike while she pushed her own name into a growing success.

Five years later in 2014, Lady V Dubz was back in full force, this time with the addition of MC Enamie. Lady V Dubz, Lady Blazer and Enamie took back to Rough Tempo and made a lasting impression on listeners by showcasing over 15 women from across the country which had never been done before, a world exclusive in the world of D’n’B. In 2015, Lady V Dubz wanted more. She knew there were many female artists hiding in the woodwork of the drum and bass scene that needed to be heard.

She noticed more female artist's and invited them all to do another all-female show on Rough Tempo and this idea grew into a popular choice to watch and support for ravers and supporters of the GTA brand. The last member to join was Y-Zer in 2017, the youngest & freshest MC of the crew. From there, GTA – Girls Take Action rebranded and became the Drum’n’Bass crew we know and love today.

GTA have had a wealth of success on radio station's across London, from its’ beginnings on Rough Tempo to its’ massively successful shows on OriginUK, Life FM.TV and not forgetting their debut appearance on Rinse FM, covering Stamina MC’s show. GTA have also appeared at notable events in the UK such as Glastonbury & Boomtown Festival’s to name but a few.

As we move into mid 2020 and beyond, GTA continue to leave their mark on the Drum’n’Bass scene in the United Kingdom and beyond bringing you fresh music, videos and projects. Keep up to date with the GTA – Girls Take Action Facebook fan page and website for more information on the crew's movements as well as exciting news on what is to come next.

Lady V Dubz

MC Enamie

MC Y-Zer